Brandname: Linguician

Have you ever learned a language
while listening to your favourite music?

How Linguician works

Your journey at Linguician starts by choosing your favourite music among our wide selection. Our application offers you four individual Play Modes.
The two learning modes teach you the lyrics of the song. Whenever you feel ready, move on to the game modes, where you can test your new skills.
For correct answers you will receive Lango Points which will unlock new songs. At any point you can view your learning progress on your user profile.

gapmode demo

Choose among four different Play Modes

Learning Modes

icon text introduction mode

Text Introduction

Get ready for the game modes by learning vocabularies in a calm and comprehensive setting.

icon song introduction mode

Song Introduction

Start exploring new vocabularies by listening to a song and following the lyrics.

Game Modes

icon text gap mode


Select the correct expression that is missing in the lyrics. Make sure to be on time!

icon mc mode

Multiple Choice

Select the correct translation for the marked lyrics. Again make sure to be on time!

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